Why Local Search Engine Marketing and Optimization (SEM & SEO)

Why Local Internet Advertising ?  SEM & SEO information.

Yes, the internet is changing the way we do business. It use to be phone calls, now it’s e-mail. People use to look up businesses in the yellow pages, now it’s Google. You use to buy ad space in newspapers, now it’s online. Wait, you’re still buying ad space in newspapers?

Search engines are now the number one place people go to find what they want. That’s because it’s so easy, if a person types in “Best Plumber in Miami” it’ll bring up exactly that. More often than not, whoever is on the first page gets the customers, which is great, unless it’s your competition.

Here’s three tips that will help you to get onto the front page of Google, Ask, Bing, and Yahoo every time.

1) Keep it simple. You don’t need a super fancy website. Often times, a website that is over filled with pictures and links has very low conversion. You want your website to direct people in one direction, which is usually to buy from you or contact you.
2) Know your Keywords. Here’s an example. About 390 people search “miami plumbing” per month, but only 260 people search “miami plumber” per month. Obviously, if you were a plumber in Miami, you want to target the Keyword that is getting searched more often. Better yet, both!
3) Get publicized. The internet is all about who’s talking about who. If you want to get on the first page of Google, you need to publish videos and have articles written about you. The search engines are pretty smart. They know that if you’re good, people are going to talk about you.

When you do these things, you’ll get into the first page of Google. This is important because whoever is on the first page of Google will get the customer. There are literally hundreds of people every month who are searching for your product or service and ready to buy. The only question is if it’s your website or your competition’s they see?

So take my advice right now and make a video blog for your local internet advertising. Well, maybe not. The truth is that you really could do it yourself, but you have other priorities. You don’t have time to learn how to optimize a site, create a capture form, write articles, distribute videos, do keyword research, and everything that goes into getting first page listings on Google.

That’s where we come in. My name is Steven and I am the creator of Organically Found. You will have First Page Google Rankings for your local business with us, we guarantee it!  You will have all the work done for you. We’ll research your market, create a website or blog for you, write articles, create movies, distribute your content, and promote you both locally and globally. Oh yeah, and it’ll cost you a fraction of what you were spending on television, radio, or newspaper advertising.

Are you interested in learning more about local internet advertising for your business? When you put your contact information in on our website, you’ll receive a free video series on how to earn customers using the internet, video and Google.  I will also write a positive revi

ew of your business on Google places just for checking out my videos.  (make sure you leave your business address and details so that I can do that!  this will help your Google maps listing.)

We only work with one of any type of local company. That means that if you don’t speak with us now, our next call could be your competition. You don’t want to lose all those customers, am I right?

Put your contact information in now to receive more information on local internet advertising for your business. You will have first page Google rankings for your area, we guarantee it.

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